Domodedovo International Airport

Moscow Domodedovo Airport or
Domodedovo International Airport
State: Russian Federation
Airport type  Public
Location  Domodedovo
Web: www.domodedovo.ru
Moscow Domodedovo Airport or Domodedovo International Airport is an international airport located on the territory of Domodedovo Town Under Oblast Jurisdiction, Moscow Oblast, Russia, 42 kilometres (26 mi) south-southeast of the centre of Moscow. Domodedovo is the largest airport in Russia in terms of passenger and cargo traffic.
Currently 77 airlines offer regular flights to Domodedovo, including 36 foreign, 29 Russian and 12 air carriers from CIS countries. Flights from Domodedovo airport cover 241 national and international routes, 92 of them are unique for Moscow region – only from Domodedovo one can take these flights.
Domodedovo Airport Administration and Services Contact Phone
Information Desk
+7 495 933-6666 (24 hours)
Quality Control Department
+7 495 (800) 200-3366
+7 495 967-8352
Passport control
+7 495 504-0233
+7 495 967-8278
Consular service
+7 495 967-2714
+7 495 504-0267, 504-0295
Domodedovo AirHotel
+7 495 795-3868
+7 495 967-8412; 967-8363 (ext.: 2-8565)
Veterinary Control
+7 495 967-8396 (24 hours)
+7 495 967-8902 (24 hours)
+7 495 504-0248 (ext.: 62-37)
First Aid
+7 495 504-0249, 504-0248
Baggage storage
+7 495 967-8363 (ext.: 2-8034)
+7 495 504-0258
Press Service
+7 495 795-3427


To report any misconduct or an unlawful action or if you possess any information on a threat to the safety of passengers or the airport, please call our Airport Police Station hot lines operating 24/7: +7 (495) 967 82 78 or, in case of extereme emergency, at: +7 (495) 543 99 55, or complain directly to the Police Station.
On the 2 floor of the terminal is located a trade centre. Here everyone will find for itself shops to taste: perfumery, souvenirs, toys and many other things.
In the clear zone of International flights to service of passengers duty free shops Duty Free.
More detailed information on shops, their site look in corresponding sections.
Cafe, bars, restaurants
Aerobar is a cafe for real air travelers where every detail of the interior is dedicated to the flight theme. There is an aircraft hull decorating the bar counter and maps and plane replicas on the walls. The cafe menu offers tea and fresh coffee of various blends, fresh juices, liquors and cocktails, sandwiches, ice-creams and other deserts. If you are in a hurry, you can have our take-aways.
on the 1st floor domestic flights clear area (before passengers security check area)
on the ground floor the Paveltskiy train station terminal (inside the terminal to the right from the entrance)
В2В is a classical business cafe. Visitors are offered a wide variety of starters and main courses, fresh salads, sandwiches, deserts, soft drinks and beer, there is a menu for children and a vegetarian menu, a large selection of wines and coffee. Visitors are offered Internet, facsimile, printing, copying, lamination, and binding services. Enjoy the cosy atmosphere in B2B to relax before a flight or invite your partners for negotiations.
Domodedovo Plaza Shopping Mall and Entertainment Centre, Passenger Terminal, 2nd floor;
Domestic Arrivals, 1st floor (baggage claim area); and
Domestic Arrivals, airside, 1st floor.
The Butterfly cafe captivates the Domodedovo airport passengers with its original design inviting in the world of butterflies. The flight waiting time will be more pleasant over a cup of the delicate pate with a slice of the house specialty, the Butterfly cake. We wish your flight to be as easy and smooth as a butterfly.
on the 1st floor Domestic Flights clean area (past passengers security check area)
Coffeemania is a chain of coffee houses where everything that is someway or other related to a quality and tasty coffee matters to our staff. We serve our specialty wonderful Coffeemania espresso blend, using coffee beans specially baked for us by Muzetti, an Italian company and rich choice of coffee beans baked in the US North-West.
The Coffeemania coffee menu invites you to acquaint yourself with a number of classic coffee drinks, based on espresso Ё C cappuccino, pungo, patte, con panna and many others as well as with our exclusive coffee cocktails. Besides more than two dozens of coffee recipes, the Coffeemania menu invites its guests to try the Sweet Collection, a rich selection of exclusive cakes, other pastries and in-house made deserts.
on the 1 st and the 2 nd floor sterile zone of International Flights (after passengers security check area)
on the 1 st floor sterile zone of Domestic Flights (after passengers security check area)
on the 2nd floor of the airport terminal in the trade and entertaining centre «Domodedovo-Plaza»
Corsair Bar
Corsairs used to be buccaneers and sea pirates. The interior design is well-matched with its blue “nautical” tables, wicker willow chairs, anchors and ship ropes. One can have a snack or a hearty meal at Corsair or have a drink or a cup of aromatic coffee. The sweet-tooth menu offers a wide selection of ice cream and deserts.
Domodedovo Plaza Shopping Mall and Entertainment Centre, Passenger Terminal, 2nd floor.
Kroshka-Kartoshka is one of Russian major fast-food chains in Russia. Its specialty is baked-in-foil potatoes with various fillers like salmon salad, mixed meat crab meat, feta cheese with greens, vinegar pickled mushrooms, cheese with ham, etc. Kroshka-Kartoshka also offers hot sandwiches and drinks.
Landside, terminal entrance No. 4
Landside area; terminal enter from the VIP parking lot
«Macchiato café»
«Macchiato café» is a cozy and relaxing stylish corner featuring a mountain site with springs and waterfalls. You can sip a cup of coffee with delicious pastries or have a substantial launch Listening to the sounds of the waterfall.
on the 1st floor sterile zone of Domestic Flights (past passengers security check area)
Snack time cafe, a fast-food chain
All Snack time cafe outlets feature a high-tech style with abundance of steel and plastic. Red as the dominating interior colour singles out Snack time cafe making the brand recognizable, compelling and memorable. The menu caters to passengers’ needs offering sandwiches, salads, various treats and snacks, ice-cream, tea, coffee, beer, strong and soft drinks. It is an optimal option for those in a hurry who would like to have a quick but good meal.
International Arrivals, 1st floor (baggage claim); and
Domodedovo Plaza Shopping Mall and Entertainment Centre, Passenger Terminal, 1st and 2nd floors.
«Prime Star»
Prime Star is a chain of cafe inviting its visitors to have a bite before a flight and upon arrival. There is a great selection of various closed and open sandwiches, salads and soups, deserts, pies, cakes and other pastries on offer. Amongst other hot drinks, we offer excellent tea and coffee. You can freshen-up having cold drinks and juices and various brews of beer.
on the 1st floor of the airport terminal in the trade and entertaining centre «Domodedovo-Plaza»
«Sbarro Express»
Visitors will be offered a wide-ranging choice of classic Italian cuisine. Sweet-teeth will enjoy our selection of deserts, ice-creams and our in-house special drinks.
on the 1 st and the 2nd floor of the airport terminal in the trade and entertaining centre «Domodedovo-Plaza» (before passengers security check area)
«Shokoladnitsa» (The Chocolate Maid)
The name of this coffee house speaks for itself but you should expect more from Shokoladnitsa than merely a coffee “diet”, yet quite wide-ranging. Premium tea blends, variety of other drinks, full bar and a selection of snacks are always in the menu.
We offer more than 40 blends of coffee and coffee-based drinks while each of them could be served caffeine-free. We always use only fresh coffee beans specially baked for Shokiladnitsa. Add to it our bartender is excellent skills on the top of that and here you are! If you get our brand in-house drink.

Restaurant «Paprika»
Restaurant «Paprika» an exclusively Indian restaurant, welcomes you to feel the warm hospitality of the diverse Indian culture and its delicious cuisine under one roof. The popular dishes made here are from various regions which of India which carries their own identity as they carefully prepared from the exotic herbs and spices. Each spices and herbs has distinctive flavour and aromas which enhance the delicacy of Indian dishes, hence they are becoming very popular all over the world. «Paprika» boasts the live clay tandoor, where the healthy and nutritious mouth watering kebab and bread are charcoal grilled to the perfection. We assure your visit to paprika will fetch you many good memories. Looking forward to welcome you!
 on the 2nd floor of the airport terminal in the trade and entertaining centre «Domodedovo-Plaza»
«Elki-Palki Express» Tavern
«Elki-Palki» Tavern is a cosy nook in the modern airport featuring a Russian out-of-the-way site. «Village-house and age-old oven» style creates a unique cordiality of the place. Sitting under an oak tree, you can relax and try traditionally Russian dishes like home-prepared herring, pickled mushrooms, cow-heel with horse-radish or mustard, Russian pirozhki - pasties with mushrooms or cabbage, as well as meat chops with mashed potatoes, potatoes with mushrooms and more... Sweet tooth can try desserts - honey pie, cheese cake and «Black forest» cake.
on the 2nd floor of the airport terminal in the trade and entertaining centre «Domodedovo-Plaza»
Benvenuti, italian bar & restaurant
International passengers are welcome to enjoy a very Italian old-world atmosphere at Benvenuti. The name is derived from Italian “benvenuti”, which means “welcome”. Located on two floors, the restaurant and the bar offer popular Italian cuisine, including fish and meat carpacho, Caprese, arugula and cherry tomato salads, specialty pastas like Carbonare, Frutti di Mare, risotto and, of course, fresh thin-crust pizzas. A delicious summer menu featuring Gaspacho, berry soup and ice- cream is a big hit. There is also a vegetarian menu and special one for children. The extensive wine list offering a wide variety choice from French cognacs, single malt, Champaign, sparkling wines, various French, Italian and Chilean wines and five brands of draught beer will be a pleasant surprise. The restaurant and the bar have smoking areas. For convenience, the menu has a take-away option.
You are welcome, or as Italians say, Benvenuti!
International Departures, airside, ground floor, near Gates 16-22
Restaurant Uzbek cuisine «Uzbechka»
The architectural and interior design of the restaurant is based on the traditional ethnic style – an old courtyard in an Uzbek village. All the attributes of a true rural life are here – an aryk, a watermill, a tandyr – an Uzbek oven, and a clay roof covered with bright-red poppies (they usually blossom on villages’ roofs in spring). The very name of the restaurant, “Uzbechka”, refers, first of all, to the type of cuisine it offers, and, at the same time, it is a slang nickname of the most popular restaurant in Tashkent, “Uzbekistan”.
on the 2nd floor of the airport terminal in the trade and entertaining centre «Domodedovo-Plaza»

Airhotel is a modern complex located at the woodland 500m away from Domodedovo Passenger Terminal.
Airhotel provides services of 299 rooms of different categories:
Standard Single; 
Standard Double; 
Comfort Standard Single; 
Comfort Standard Double; 
Club Single; 
Club Double; 
Club Junior Suite; 
Club Luxe.
Every room has sound-proof window frames, an electronic card lock, a modern TV-set with Russian and satellite channels, a direct international phone line, mini-bar, well equipped bathrooms.
Club category rooms are additionally equipped with individual air conditioning and climate control.
For passengers’ convenience comfortable minibuses carry hotel guests to/from the airport and Airhotel free of charge. Our guests may also use rent-a-car service and the guarded parking lot at discounted rates.
Airhotel guests may also take advantage of a  variety of additional services.
Restaurant’s menu constitutes exquisite dishes of Russian and European cuisine cooked with care by experienced chefs.

You can get to Domodedovo airport from Moscow by public transport: from Domodedovskaya underground station (by bus or mini-bus) and from Paveletsky railway station (by train, the nearest underground station is Paveletskaya).
You can choose the most convenient for you mode of transport among the following key options:
Aeroexpress train
Aeroexpress train is a comfortable high-speed train that goes non-stop from Moscow, Paveletsky station, to Domodedovo airport and from the airport to Moscow, Paveletsky station.
Time of journey: 40-50 minutes.
Commuter Train
This train goes from Moscow, Paveletsky station to Domodedovo airport and from the airport to Moscow, Paveletsky station, with all stops en route.
Time of journey: 1 hour 10 minutes.
Express Buses
Modern Scania, Man, Mercedes buses go non-stop to Domodedovo airport from Domodedovskaya underground station.
Timetable: from 06:00 to 00:00.
Time of journey: 25-30 minutes.
Departure time: every 15 minutes.
Buses "Ryazan - Domodedovo airport"
Modern SETRA S312 HD buses go on the route "Domodedovo airport-Kolomna-Luhovitsy-Ryazan" and back.
Timetable: from 06:00 to 00:00.
Time of journey: 3 hours - 3 hours 30 minutes.
Departure time: every 4 hours.
Mini busses go from Domodedovskaya underground station to the airport round the clock.
Timetable: from 06:00 to 00:00.
Time of journey: 25-30 minutes.
Departure time: every 15 minutes.
Nighttime schedule (from 00:00 to 06:00): 00-00; 00-40; 01-20; 02-00; 02-40; 03-20; 04-00; 04-40; 05-20; 06-00.
Dear passengers, please enquire in case of non-observance of the departure time.
To rent a car
You may rent a car at the Moscow Domodedovo Airport. This service is provided by HERTZ, SIXT and AVIS.
For your convenience, you may book a car by the telephone of the company of your choice, or using an electronic order form on its website. In this case, the provision of a car is guaranteed.
To book a car at the company's desk at the airport, you must have your passport and a driving license with you. The detailed information about the fleet, prices, lease terms, discount programs and special offers can be found on the websites of the companies:

Moscow Domodedovo Airport located 22km away from Moscow can be reached by Kashirskoe highway.
The following service is convenient to track the most best route of your trip.
For your comfort and safety we recommend to resort to services of authorized transport operators.