Contract of carriage


This Agreement is executed in accordance with parts 1, 2 chapter XII of the Civil Code of the Republic of Moldova.

The flight options displayed at the client’s order on the www.avia.md website means an irrevocable offer (art. 681, art. 684 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Moldova).

Payment by the client for any of the offers means consent to conclude a passenger and luggage air transport agreement according to the selected destination and at the offered price.

From the moment of payment for the air ticket the air transport agreement between the passenger and the S.R.L. „Solei-Turism” company is considered concluded. The itinerary receipt, sent to the email address, provided by the client during selection and payment for the flight, means a pass document, confirming the fact of conclusion of the transport agreement. 


Passenger and Luggage Air Transport Agreement 


Agency - S.R.L. „Solei-Turism”, company’s registration date: 09.02.2001, IDNO: 1002600019715, legal, actual and postal address: bd. Negruzzi, 5, of. 89, MD-2001, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, represented by its general director Mr. Igor Mira, acting on the basis of the Charter.

Passenger — person, in the name of which the air ticket is bought on the www.avia.md website - property of the S.R.L. „Solei-Turism” company. 


1. In accordance with the Passenger and Luggage Air Transport Agreement the Agency shall transport the Passenger to the destination airport providing him a place on the airplane, operating the flight, provided in the Agreement, and in case of Luggage transport – also to transport the respective luggage to the destination airport and to deliver it to the Passenger.

2. The air transport agreement is certified by the air ticket (electronic air ticket in the form of itinerary receipt or ticket, issued on a registered blank - RB), as well as by other documents and information, allowing to clearly set the fact of conclusion of the Air transport agreement. In case of contradictions between the data, provided in the air ticket, with the data, provided in the Global distribution system database, priority shall be given to the database.

3. As document, confirming payment for the air transport, shall serve the Payment document, certifying payment for the air transport.

4. The passenger shall pay for the air transport according to the set tariff, and in case of submission of Luggage above the normative set by the Transporter for free of charge Luggage transport, the Passenger shall also pay for the respective Luggage transport.

5. The Air transport agreement is concluded pursuant to acceptance by the Passenger of the Agency’s irrevocable offer. The fact of payment for the air transport offered by the Agency and selected by the Passenger represents expression of full and irrevocable consent to conclude the Air transport agreement in the conditions, offered by the Agency.

6. The Air transport agreement is considered concluded from the moment of due and timely payment for the air transport.

7. The Agency shall send to the Passenger an Itinerary receipt to the email address, provided by the Passenger during reservation and payment for the air ticket. 

8. Air tickets, issued on registered blanks, may be executed for certain flights, and handed to the Passenger or his legal representative in case the air ticket is issued in the Agency’s office. 

9. The Passenger shall pay the price of the air transport in the term, provided by the applicable tariffs’ conditions, effective at the moment of execution of the air ticket, strictly in the manners allowed by the Agency.

10. The Air transport agreement shall be in force till the moment of complete performance by the Agency of its Passenger and Luggage air transport obligations according to the itinerary, provided in the air ticket, subject to due performance of obligations by the Passenger.

11. In case of lack of access to the internet or in case of need to receive additional information the Passenger shall address by phone to one of the Agency’s offices to get acquainted with the Agency’s rules in force.

12. The Passenger, who ordered and paid for an air ticket, shall be considered to have accepted the Air transport conditions, on the terms, provided in this Agreement, and examined the Regulation of provision of services and other information, displayed on the www.avia.md website. Payment for air transport by the Passenger means full and unconditional acceptance of the offer and conclusion of the agreement with the Agency.

13. The Agency’s Passenger air transport obligations appear only after due and timely payment by the Passenger for the air ticket.

14. The agreement terms and other important notices are placed on the website, and in case of buying in the Agency’s offices, the Passenger is made aware of the rules and conditions orally.

15. Payment under the Air transport agreement may be effected by a third person (payer), in such case it is considered that the respective third party pays in the frame of actual contractual relations with the Passenger. Given the fact, that rights and obligations under the Air transport agreement appear only between the Passenger and the Agency, the payer is not entitled to request later any reimbursement of paid money if he does not prove, that the respective money were paid as a result of an error or illicit action of other persons.

16. If after performance of air transport the money paid by a third party pursuant to a Passenger air transport agreement shall be legally surcharged by the payer from the Agency, the Passenger shall, within 3 days, compensate to the Agency the air transport price, amount of expenses incurred in connection with the said surcharge, and a penalty in the amount of 5 (five) percent of the air transport price for each calendar day from the moment of performance of air transport before full payment by the Passenger of his debt to the Agency.

17. In case of renunciation from the Air transport agreement the Passenger shall duly notify the Agency of his intention to unilaterally terminate the air transport agreement before the beginning of service, as provided by the schedule, in compliance with the procedure provided in the tariff. Passenger’s no-show to the flight does not represent a due notification.

18. Reimbursement of money, in case of termination of the Air transport agreement:

1. In case of payment for the air ticket by credit card, the money are returned to the credit card subject to a notification executed in due manner by the Passenger to the Agency of renunciation from air transport and full payment of penalties, provided by the tariff rules. Accordingly, as regards this payment manner for an air ticket, is considered due the air transport renunciation notification, sent to the email address, provided by the client during reservation (payment) for the air ticket and to which the air ticket itinerary receipt was sent.

2. In case of payment for the air ticket in the Agency’s office and in banks in the Republic of Moldova — reimbursement of money is made in the Agency’s office, or the money, object of reimbursement, are transferred to the respective Passenger according to bank details in the banks of the Republic of Moldova.

19. For purposes of clear setting the identity of the Passenger, who initiates an Air transport agreement termination, shall be considered due the Passenger’s notification, done by the Passenger during a personal visit to the Agency’s office and only with presentation of documents certifying his identity not later than the time of beginning of air transport according to the schedule, or a notification received in the said term by mail with the Passenger’s signature authenticated by a notary.

20. The notification shall contain the air ticket (order) number, Passenger’s N.S.P., flight number, airplane departure date according to the schedule, bank details, sufficient for reimbursement of money in the manner selected by the Passenger. The notification shall have attached copies of the Passenger’s identity card, originals of the documents, confirming timely and due payment for the air transport (the payment document, received at the moment of payment) and originals of other documents, invoked by the Passenger. The notification, duly executed, is an inseparable part of this Agreement.

21. In case of provision of erroneous data in the notification by the Passenger, the Passenger shall submit a second notification. Due confirmation of receipt of notification shall serve the copy of the receipt notice with the Agency’s reception mark.